Clemson bound senior Sydney Mason


Dear All,

At Cresset, we have several ongoing conversations about growth, the Lordship of Christ, and the tension that is generated by a focus on academic rigor and spiritual formation.  These conversations are framed by a simple belief that growth comes through struggle.  We believe that these struggles are generated by our efforts to make Cresset Christian Academy a crucible where the trials of life are impacted by the truth of God.  For us this crucible consists of our core values: 1) Academic rigor; 2) Worldview development; 3) Christlike character, and 4) Interpersonal growth.  Whether in an academic classroom, sports arena, fine arts stage, the hallways between classes, or an extracurricular activity, our desire is that persistent attention to our values generates opportunities for the maturation and preparation of each student.  For each student, the timeline and impact is unique with one exception - the foundation upon which we stand is Christ.

As you ponder a journey with us, know that your child will be challenged in the academic classroom and in the corridors of life where character and understanding matter.  Cresset Christian Academy is a community and our hope is that you will be able to experience that as a part of our growing family. 

Steven D. Wall, Ph.D.

Head of School