Vision Statement

Cresset Christian Academy strives to raise up future generations of Godly leaders through Kingdom education.  Leaders who seek God’s wisdom, pursue excellence in all facets of life, and seek to live with purposeful intent to impact their community for God's glory. 

Mission Statement

Cresset Christian Academy, a non-denominational ministry, partners with the home by cultivating a biblical worldview in student’s hearts and minds so they might transform society through godly character and service, engage others in God’s truth, and help others embrace all things consistent with this truth.

CORE Values

  • Academic Rigor - Cresset Christian Academy is a college-preparatory institution.  Our graduates attend a variety of post-graduate institutions from Tier One universities to local and regional institutions.
  • Christlike Character - Students of Cresset Christian Academy are encouraged to struggle with issues of faith and culture to determine how they should conduct themselves and treat others.  
  • Interpersonal Growth - Leadership does not occur apart from education.  The environment of Cresset Christian Academy is developed to encourage students to take initiative and lead others.  Whether members of the school, local, or global community, Cresset Christian Academy students are challenged to impact others through their decisions.  
  • Worldview Development - Cresset Christian Academy students are encouraged to be aware of the community at large.  Through interaction with a diverse student population students learn to recognize how to treat others and to respect difference.