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The Cresset Christian Academy Preschool has historically worked on a ten-month academic calendar while providing a two-month camp for June and July.  We are currently transitioning to a 12-month calendar and encourage families who desire twelve-month care to join us.  When you set up your tour or prepare for the year, please feel free to present any questions to preschool director, Mrs. Erika White or K-12 admissions Mrs. Lauren Hoover


Email for any admission or enrollment inquiries. Please feel free to reach out via email to the preschool director, Mrs. Erika White.  For general admissions questions, contact Mrs. Lauren Hoover.


Students ages one to four receive all meals and snacks through the program.  Each meal is designed to meet needed nutritional requirements for each child.


The Cresset Christian Academy Preschool is a 4-star program dedicated to nurturing and loving each child individually from infancy (six weeks) through age four.  Student academic and psychomotor development is built into daily routines by our credentialed staff. 


From our youngest to oldest, a focus is placed on physical skills such as coordinated movement and dexterity with the hands.  Both fine and gross motor skills, including the use of precision instruments, tools, and walking are a consistent focus.


 The Preschool places an emphasis on values development, encouraging social interaction and treating all with dignity and respect.  


Cresset's Preschool provides low ratios to ensure each child gets loving attention. Our services include full-day child care and developmentally appropriate curriculum and instruction provided by accredited teachers and assistants.  Staff are focused on the beginning tools of literacy with three and four-year old students striving for meaningful literacy benchmarks.  These include: 

  • Understanding that print carries a message.

  • Forming clear sentences.

  • Identifying letters and making some letter-sound matches.

  • Letting questions boost vocabulary.

  • Helping them learn phonics with sounds.

  • Showing them how to grasp the ABCs.

  • Make learning to read fun.

  • Making attempts to read and write.

  • Identifying familiar signs and labels.

  • Participating in rhyming games.

2021-2022 TUITION RATES (12 MONTHS) 


PK 0 (Infants)

PK Wobblers (9-11 mo)

PK 1 (12 mo - 2 yrs)

PK 2 (2yrs - 3 yrs)

PK 3 (3 yrs - 4yrs)

PK 4 ( 4 yrs)

2020-21 (Monthly)







2021-22 (Monthly)