Middle school math is a study in transitions, from the more basic mathematical principles reviewed in 6th grade to the graphing of quadratic equations in Algebra I. Each course better prepares the student for the course that follows, teaching the students crucial study skills and practical applications which will serve them well in their high school career. As we study the principles of mathematics, we will learn how the order of our universe and the structure of God's creation around us comes from a Creator who speaks fluently through mathematics.


Math 6

Math 7 - Pre-Algebra

Math 8 - Algebra I


This year we review fractions, decimals, and percents, tying the three together into a seamless circle. Letters become part of math this year, with expressions and equations making their debut. Then geometry brings new dimensions to our classroom as we explore shapes in a whole new way, with measurement and conversions. Finally, probability and statistical analysis will bring our year to a wonderful end. From start to finish, we will be looking for the hand of God in the order and structure of the mathematic principles as well as preparing for a successful transition to Pre-Algebra for Grade 7. 


We will explore the realm of algebra, the concept of the unknown – quite literally.  We will begin to dig into functions, graphing and analyzing data sets.  We will learn more about probability and the practical applications of mathematics, algebra in particular.  We will spend some time exploring geometry in a new dimension as well.  We will learn as we study the principles of mathematics how the order of our universe and the structure of the creation around us comes from a Creator who speaks fluently in the language of mathematics.  


The focus for much of the school year will be on functions, first linear, then exponential, quadratic and then radical. Equations and systems of equations will help build a foundation for expanded analysis and more complicated concepts in statistics and probability.God ordered His creation using some of the same principles and concepts that we will be studying in the classroom this year. We will look for those patterns and His master plan in our lessons.