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Lower School Principal for a Day!

Ruby Confer enjoyed a day as our Lower School Principal. She won the favor of all the elementary students by giving out popsicles at lunch, granting PJ day and 10 minutes of extra recess. There was also some hard work involved as she taught Kindergarten and Middle School English where she even had to dole out a few demerits. Ms. Confer made sure they knew who was in charge! Overall, Ms. Confer made such a great impression that the students were asking for a permanent replacement of Mrs. Green. Great job, Ruby, being our Lower School Principal and walking in Mrs. Green's shoes for a day!




2023-24 Upcoming Events


  • 4/6-10 Teacher Appreciation Week

  • 4/10 Early Dismissal K - 12

  • 4/13 No School K - 12

  • 4/16 Preschool Graduation 4pm

  • 4/20-23 Upper School Exams

  • 4/20 Athletic Banquet 6pm

  • 4/22 Elementary Field Day

  • 4/23 5th Grade Promotion 10am

  • 4/23 8th Grade Promotion 2pm

  • 4/23 K Graduation 5pm

  • 4/24 Preschool Closed

  • 4/24 1st & 2nd Awards Ceremony 8:15am

  • 4/24 3rd & 4th Awards Ceremony 9am

  • 4/24 Upper School Awards Ceremony 10am

  • 4/24 Early Dismissal 11:30am

  • 4/24 Senior Graduation 7pm


You will often hear the term the Cresset family or the Cresset community.  This idea takes shape through both our planned events and the impromptu moments that occur throughout the school year. Whether it is the school play, athletic events, International night, speaking with parents in the car line, the Cresset community is present. Regardless of when, we seek to encourage the building of community through our calendar and its events.