Upcoming Events


The Stronger Together Pledge Program continues through key events and opportunities.

On Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 continue your support of our pledge program through Giving Tuesday. Partner with us in our dedication to meaningful outcomes for each student.  Our core values (Christlike Character, Academic Rigor, Worldview Development, Interpersonal Growth) coupled with our distinctives (Academics, Arts, Athletics, Apologetics), make Cresset Christian Academy a place where growth occurs.


Recent Events

Winter Gala

Stronger Together was a limited ticket event sponsored by the Refectory Cafe and was a time to celebrate the Cresset community while supporting its mission.  Guests heard student testimonies, and learn about the inaugural pledge program. The dinner was held on Wednesday, October 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  Tickets are $50/seat. Please RSVP by October 13th to Kelly Cooley (kcooley@cressetchristian.org).

Cresset Family Day

2021-22 Events


  • 7th -10th - Bedford Falls Book Fair


  • 9th - Autism Awareness Walk

  • 14th - Picture Day

  • 15th - Family Day

  • 18th - Fall Break


  • 11th - 14th - Spirit Week

  • 14th - Pep Rally


  • 5th - Winter Gala


  • 1st - 2nd - US Play

  • 15th - 22nd - Easter Break


  • 3rd - 6th - 5th Grade Trip

  • 5th - 7th - 8th Grade Trip

  • 7th - Prom

  • 20th - 8th Grade Celebration

  • 27th - 5th Grade Celebration

  • 27th - US Awards Ceremony

  • 27th - Senior Graduation


You will often hear the term the Cresset family or the Cresset community.  This idea takes shape through both our planned events and the impromptu moments that occur throughout the school year. Whether it is the school play, athletic events, International night, speaking with parents in the car line, the Cresset community is present. Regardless of when, we seek to encourage the building of community through our calendar and its events.