5th Grade



Rigor and Structure

In 5th Grade, academic rigor, structure, and preparation for middle school are important. Students continue to develop their handwriting and sentence writing skills with a focus on writing essays and reports.They also work on tougher tasks in Mathematics, using the foundational skills of multiplication and division learn and apply new applications.  Each student will complete book reports, research projects, biographies, and learn the skill of writing from dictation. They work throughout the year on memorization of facts in History and Science.

Study Skills

Daily note-taking and highlighting are practiced to enhance study skills and students in the class are called "The Leaders" of the lower school. The students grow in their understanding and acceptance of responsibility both academically and as they live daily, seeking to be examples for those around them by applying Christ-like character and an understanding of the world in their daily lives. 



  • Language

  • Phonics

  • Social Studies


  • Math

  • Reading

Purposeful Design (ACSI)

  • Science

  • Spelling

Summit Ministries

  • Bible


  • A Reason for Handwriting