3rd Grade Science

Third Grade

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Independent Learners

With the rigor comes development as independent learners. Projects involve dressing up to become special characters, the creation of book reports that require the production of special artefacts (e.g. cereal boxes), and learning to classify and research animals to complete an Animal Notebook project. Students participate in science experiments and present a Science Fair project. They learn their multiplication tables using a variety of methods and work hard to grasp key concepts.  The classroom environment emphasizes two things: 1) Being well versed in every branch of learning, in order to be gifted with knowledge and good judgement [Daniel 1:4b],”; 2) Understanding that accomplishment is possible because [students] can do all things through Christ who gives strength [Philippians 4:13].”

Year of Firsts

Third grade is a year of firsts for many students.  As they transition from lower elementary to upper elementary, they learn how to use planners.  It is the first time they write paragraphs with five or more sentences, write biographies, do book reports, and give oral presentations. 



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