Foundational Skills

First grade is full of exciting changes as children begin to flourish and continue development of the foundational skills they learned in kindergarten. In first grade they are taught are learning to be students, gaining in-depth knowledge and an ability to apply scripture to their daily lives.

First grade is an important time for reading.  Emphasis on reading skills is increases because it is such an essential part of the learning process and a gateway for academic success. With increased literacy reading comprehension improves and allows students to grow into independent learners. Each day 1st graders learn through Bible, reading, math, spelling, science, social studies, and health. Learning is an engaging process that involves a variety of approaches including hands on activities, projects, small group discussions, and learning centers

Teacher: Mrs. Taylor Rigby


Abeka (Advanced)

  • Handwriting

  • Humanities

  • Language Arts and Phonics

Great Minds

  • Eureka Math

Purposeful Design (ACSI)

  • Bible

  • Science

  • Spelling