The Cresset Experience


I really get to know them better because we're a small school.

Vickie Stelling  

   Humanities Teacher

Extracurricular Activities

CCA Girls

The community is tight-knit...Everybody knows each other...

Eric Rice  

   Fine Arts Teacher

Early Educational Experiences

CCA 1 graders

Each of our children has been able to grow spiritually and academically...

Jamie and Heather Privratsky  



Cresset Christian Academy places an emphasis on the integration of Christian values in our curricular and pedagogical practices. Our desire is to instill in our students the ability to discern truth while helping them to discover and utilize their God-given abilities.


Cresset partners with the home by cultivating a biblical worldview in student’s hearts and minds so they might transform society through godly character and service, engage others in God’s truth, and help others embrace all things consistent with God’s Word.


Cresset strives to raise up future generations of Godly leaders through Kingdom education that seek God’s wisdom, excellence, and purpose to impact the Kingdom for His glory.