Grades 6-8

The middle school years are a formative time dedicated to helping students understand and apply knowledge by engaging their natural curiosity.  Through their core and elective courses, as well as their extracurricular participation, middle school students are learning to collaborate, communicate and think critically about the world they inhabit.  

Middle school faculty work on developing a solid foundation of skills and learning habits that encourage students in their endeavors.  Teaching and support staff work to mold and shape  lifelong learners that understand how to search for, and engage with, new knowledge.  The faculty's focus on building respectful relationships with students create opportunities for growth for all whether through the formal classroom or in the corridors of the Academy. 


Each Middle School grade will have a rotation of classes, they attend each period. These courses are designed to prepare students for high school, while still giving them the consistency and community of the small class. Courses outside the core academics include: 

  • Art
  • Theater
  • Spanish
  • Study Hall 
  • Chapel (1x/week)