6th Grade Language Arts

Students will be challenged to read various texts and learn to analyze them.They will do evidence-based research and writing assignments. Classroom practices are standards-based Your child will learn to:

  • Writing a complete paragraph with topic sentences and supporting details.
  • Use new vocabulary in discussions, reports, and texts.
  • Consistently apply rules of spelling and grammar

7th Grade Language Arts

Seventh graders become more precise with their written language and learn to present large ideas in a concise format. Classroom practices include:

  • Compare books to alternative versions (movies, stage productions) and describe the impact on message
  • Giving summary report of a text.
  • Conduct short, evidence-based research projects
  • Apply rules of grammar to recognize differing relationships among ideas associated with sentence structures (e.g. simple, compound, complex)

8th Grade Language Arts  

Eighth graders focus on writing texts that are cogent and coherent with regards to purpose and audience. Reading comprehension focuses on mastery of complex reading (passages and texts) and the ability to discern meaning of new words.Students learn to express their ideas using correct language and grammar.Classroom practices include:

  • Understand, compare and contrast ideas and recognize logical connections such as cause and effect, symbolism, inference, and other literary tools (e.g. mood, tone, author’s view)
  • Use critical thinking to discern truth, goodness, evil, and gratuitous behavior.
  • Develop skills with pre-writing and planning.
  • Recognize different verb forms (e.g. indicative, imperative, etc.)

Curriculum: The Reader's Journey