United States History 

United States History is a survey from the American founding to the present with in-depth research on topics which provide students with basic knowledge in how to research and prepare papers. The goal of the course is to give student a more thorough understanding of United States' history and the foundation of the country.  Students will look at historical figures and consider how the Bible was used as the foundation upon which the United States Republic was built.  

United States Government 

Understanding the foundations of the republic is a focus of Government.  Students will be asked to view the challenges and crises that have faced past and current generations while also learning about the role of government and the significance of the Constitution and the branches of government. Students will take a journey through the history of the republic and do an in-depth study of the Constitution.

World History 

World History includes a study of Biblical history and events which have shape man and civilization.  This course provides with a lens for history, giving them the chance to view it is as the mosaic of God's interaction with man.