Grades 9-12

Cresset graduates are encouraged to recognize that life has purpose and that to fulfill that purpose requires knowledge, cultural awareness, and collegiality.  Based on the foundation that all truth is part of a larger whole, students are encouraged to investigate, challenge and defend their ideas.  Cresset's High School curriculum places an emphasis on higher order thinking with students encouraged to analyze and apply knowledge through evidence-based practices.  

Over the four years of high school, students will be given opportunity to learn a variety of disciplines through core classes, as well as actively participate in athletics and arts.  Our course offerings are designed to prepare students for attendance at four-year post-secondary institutions.  Our goal is to give students opportunities to grow and to identify ways that they may effectively apply their time and talents beyond their educational endeavors.  

Through academics, extracurricular activities, an emphasis on service and regular chapel services, students are challenged to struggle with meaning and to mature in preparation for life.