THE CRESSET Christian ACADEMY Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a campaign to raise capital beneficial to the operations and mission of Cresset Christian Academy.  The Fund is highlighted by distinct events that include BoosterThon, The Christmas Fund and the Spring Harvest.  Each year specific goals are set and the events are given a specific theme to encourage student and family particpation.  

2018-19 gifts were used to assist families and put multimedia screens into Middle School classrooms.  

2019-20 gifts were used to assist families and to purchase technology for Lower School classrooms.  Previous gifts were also used to purchase shelving for classrooms and the library.  Funds were also used to provide test preparation for high school students. 

2020-21 plans are to use gifts to integrate new technology into the High School.

2021-22 plans are to use gifts to benefit our youngest students.

Gifts to the Annual Fund are considered gifts to the CAEF.  Once received, they are then distributed and designated for specific operational or mission purposes