Christ-Centered, College-Focused

Cresset Church
opened the doors of its academy on August 25, 1975. At that time the mission of Cresset Christian Academy was to encourage and grow academic and community leaders. Now in the 21st century, our students continue to honor this mission by being active in their community and pursuing academic success in the classroom. Our graduates leave with a unique lens provided by efforts to help them understand what it means to be a member of a global society. Our devoted faculty, small class sizes, academic rigor, and a diversity of extracurricular opportunities ensure that students have valuable experiences that will aid them in their lifelong journeys.

As you enter the doors of Cresset, you will find a Christ-centered community that welcomes you. We invite you to visit and learn more about us. Cresset is committed to cultivating the intellectual skills of our students while also creating an environment that stimulates the spiritual development and academic growth of each individual student.


Cresset Christian Academy’s vision is to raise up future generatons of Godly leaders through Kingdom education.  These leaders will be trained to seek wisdom, excellence, and purpose to have a lifelong impact on their community and through their vocation. 

Our vision means that we help our students identify their abilities and use them with competence through exposure to a variety of academic and extracurricular pursuits. Academic and extracurricular activities are framed by two foundational questions, “What is truthful about what is being done?” and "what purpose do my academics and activities serve?"