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2017-2018 Giving: The Eagle Fund

The Eagle Fund is our one giving program that replaces smaller fundraisers.  A donation to the Eagle Fund supports the many programs that make Cresset great.  We want to ensure every student experiences excellence from the classroom, playing fields and the stage.

Why give?
Everyone in the Cresset community has different reasons for giving. The Cresset community has shown incredible generosity over the years and – while we face increasing pressures – it is through your support that we remain able to offer such a rigorous and caring academic environment.

How much should I give?
The entire Cresset community is asked to contribute to the best of their ability. Eagle Fund gifts have ranged from $5 to $18,000. We hope that people will give generously, but it is critical that everyone, especially parents and alumni, participate in some way.

Want to volunteer?
Volunteers play an instrumental role in the success of the Eagle Fund. If you would like to volunteer for the 2017-18 Eagle Fund committee, contact Elise Massey in the school office at emassey@cressetchristian.org or 919-489-2655 x117.

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