Frank Ron Zedick, Theater Production Director
Theater Department
Stephanie Smith, Theater Education Director
Theater Department
Cresset Christian Academy
2014 Award Winning member of
NCTC (North Carolina Theater Conference)

Theater Arts Program

Our high school theater arts program has many goals and our curriculum supports the Stanislavski “Method” and uses tests that outline and support his work.

Our first year program introduces some of each part of the theater discipline, including set design, costume design, lighting design, and theater history. Our second year program focuses much more on acting and scene work.  The elementary program introduces the concept of character and performance to our elementary students. Both of these programs serve the same purposes. They not only expose our children to culture, but they also instill a sense of confidence and empathy. The basics of movement, diction, and breath are taught and improved upon. More complicated concepts such as creating a character and empathizing with a situation are also introduced. Our ultimate goal is to teach that all fine arts, being inherently creative, ultimately point toward and glorify our Creator.


Cresset’s Yearly Musicals

Most of our productions are Broadway’s finest musical hits especially chosen for their themes and classic dramatic moral messages. Cresset’s productions have ranged the gamut from the exciting and technically challenging Peter Pan, to the deep themes of Man of LaMancha, to the opera Les Miserables.   Other outstanding productions have included our most recent The King and I, The Wizard of Oz, Oklahoma!Oliver!, and Shrek.  These productions are planned to challenge the student in the full scope of the area of theater.

Students develop in each area of theatrical production from costuming to building sets, from setting lights to painting backdrops, from acting to singing, from choreography to photography, from planning to promotion, from orchestra to makeup.  When a student graduates from Cresset Christian Academy they are well versed in all the areas of arts.