Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Lower School Music – Beginning as young as two years old, our students are exposed to rhythm instruments, Orff instruments, recorder, and handbells. Together we study the best way to use these instruments to bring praise and glory to our God as well as encouragement to those around us.

Middle School Handbells – Through teamwork and cooperation, we turn simple bell notes into melodious praise. We study rhythm patterns combined with handbell techniques and music theory to produce a unified sound.

Band  – Band is offered for Grades 6-12 at no extra charge. Taking band is a fun way to acquire a life-long musical skill that can be used at your church, community, and for family and friends. Band instruments taught are: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba as well as Percussion and Drums.

Private Band Instrument Instruction – Private Band instruction are for those who are interested in really excelling on your band instrument.  Private lessons are offered to Early Beginners in Grades 3-4 as well as Grade 5-Adult.  Lessons are conveniently scheduled during the school day.

Private Piano Lessons- Using the Faber Method students are taught theory and piano techniques. As they advance through the program, students are encouraged to learn songs and minister to their peers in chapel. Advanced students are encouraged to use their abilities in ministry opportunities. Click  here for more information and registration.

Private Guitar Lessons- The guitar instruction program enables students to become competent musicians utilizing knowledge of music theory and  playing techniques to explore various musical styles, culminating in playing music for the Lord.  Students will be able to play solo and in combinations with other musicians. Click here for more information and registration