Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy

Students who are diagnosed with learning difficulties are recommended for educational therapy. Educational therapy is provided by a therapist who has been trained through the National Institute for Learning Development* in Norfolk, VA. Through Educational Therapy, students receive individual help to strengthen learning capabilities:

  • Memory (Auditory and Visual)
  • Visual-Motor skills
  • Phonics/Reading Comprehension
  • Cursive handwriting
  • Math thinking and reasoning

Therapy sessions occur twice a week for 80 minutes. During each session, the student receives one-on-one intensive therapy which is determined by psychological and academic testing. It is recommended that students remain involved in therapy for a minimum of three years. The long-term goal is to provide students with skills to be independent and confident learners.

*Please visitĀ The National Institute for Learning DevelopmentĀ for thorough information about educational therapy at their website.

WINGS consists of three programs:


Wilson Language

Educational Therapy


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