Our Mission

Our Desire

Cresset Christian Academy places an emphasis on the integration of Christian values in our curricular and pedagogical practices.  Our desire is to instill in our students the ability to discern truth while helping them to discover and utilize their God-given abilities. 

Our Purpose

Cresset Christian Academy’s purpose is to glorify God by assisting the family in its God-given responsibility to train children.  By providing a distinctly Christian, college-preparatory education, Cresset takes students of all ages and works to produce well-rounded graduates prepared for life beyond secondary education.  

Our Mission

Cresset Christian Academy’s mission is to educate the MIND and cultivate the HEART of all students in a nurturing environment shaped by sound academic practices and grounded in the Truth of God’s Word.

Our Vision

Cresset Christian Academy’s vision is to have Christ-centered practices modeled in the life of our faculty and staff and to develop an appreciation for knowledge in learning in all of our students.  We desire to teach students that all knowledge is part of an integrated whole and to equip each one by training them to engage the world while recognizing its inherent strengths and weaknesses.