Our Mission

Cresset takes very seriously its role in training students with a distinctly Christian approach.  From preschool through Twelfth Grade, we integrate Christian values into the entire curriculum.  Our desire is to instill Biblical Truth into the lives of our students and to help them discover their God-given attributes that will guide them towards His path for their future.


Our Purpose

Cresset Christian Academy’s purpose is to assist the HOME and parents in their God-given responsibility to train their children in the Word of God – by providing a distinctly Christian, well-rounded, college-preparatory education that supports family and fosters community.

Our Mission

Cresset Christian Academy’s mission is to educate the MIND and cultivate the HEART in a nurturing environment shaped by sound academic practices and grounded in the Truth of God’s Word.

Our Vision

Cresset Christian Academy’s vision is to have equipped the MIND of each student – with the ability to engage in God’s Truth, to examine all things in light of God’s Truth and to embrace all things consistent with God’s Truth.